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  • Learn at your pace.
  • Grow your knowledge in stages.
  • Commit to exploring your potential.

Our mission is...

  • To deliver high standards of impactful, empowering lessons, courses and resources for all pupils.
  • To offer a personalised tuition plan to support pupils achieve academic goals. 
  • To offer course content emphasising the 3R's - reading, writing and arithmetic at all levels and incorporating the 5C's - character building, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.
  • To offer affordable payment options and flexible lesson plans to support the parents and schools.
  • To provide a collaborative teaching platform and opportunity for educators to share their knowledge and skill of the subject they love.

Our vision is...

  • To prepare pupils to reach their full potential for tomorrow’s world conscientiously!
  • To nurture critical and creative thought that strengthens personal development and achieves academic success.
  • To create a thought-provoking insightful library of resources that enables a growth mindset, encourages social responsibility and promotes sustainable living.

Our values are...








- We enjoy creative endeavours; with it we fire our imagination.

- We understand a person when we consider their viewpoint.

- We keep working until we have accomplished our aim.

- We are grateful in prosperity and we are grateful in adversity.

- We leave things better than we found them.

- We embrace struggle and persevere even if we fail.

- We treat others the way that we want to be treated.


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