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Sofia Dawoodji

Company Director

Sofia is an accomplished maths tutor committed to supporting children and parents from all backgrounds. She has created numerous maths workbooks and presented workshops to parents. She is an eLearning content designer keen to support educators.

In her role as Director of Alphareach Learning, her vision is to set up an online learning platform to address - the challenging educational needs of the children, changing expectations of the parents and a collaborative space for educators.

James Kennedy

Web Developer

James is a graduate Web Developer who strives for excellence in his work. He has a Business Management and Computer Science BSc and an Information Technology MSc, specialising in web development and Augmented Reality.

In his role as Web Developer of Alphareach Learning, his duties include; creating, designing and maintaining the functionality and appearance of the website and collaborative online learning platform for tutors and pupils.

Giada Cibelli

Marketing and Sales

Giada has a passion for business and is determined to meet both customer and business expectations and needs. Giada has a Bachelor Of Science in Business Management with a First Class Honours as well as a Master Of Science in International Business.

In her role in the marketing and sales department of Alphareach, her duties include; generating unique sales plans then acting upon them and creating engaging advertisements.

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