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Free Worksheets

Printable primary maths worksheets from Alphareach


Topic Practice Exercise sheet Exercise sheet Answers
 Numbers Section     
Adding numbers to 20 Ex1  Ex2 Ex1A  Ex2A
Subtracting numbers from 20 Ex1  Ex2 Ex1A  Ex2A
Mixed Addition and Subtraction Ex1 Ex1A
(2digit) Multiplication sums by 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 2A  3A  4A  5A  6A  7A  8A  9A
Double digit multiplication Ex1  Ex2 Ex1A   Ex2A
Division sums by 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 2A  3A  4A  5A  6A  7A  8A  9A
Double digit division Ex1 Ex1A
Equivalent Fractions Ex1  Ex2 Ex1A   Ex2A
 Shape Section    
Common 2D shapes Ex1 Ex1A
Coordinate Points Ex1  
Reflective Symmetry Ex1   Ex2  
Estimating and measuring angles Ex1  
Time display correct to the... 1hour  15min  10min  5min  1min -
Passing Time 1hour 30min   1hour 5min  
Lengths Ex1   Ex2 Ex1A   Ex2A
Weights Ex1   Ex2 Ex1A   Ex2A
Capacity Ex1   Ex2 Ex1A   EX2A
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