Developing Conceptual Understanding

Conceptual learning enables the transference of ideas to new contexts and problems

Learn key concepts and big ideas

Teaching pupils to think conceptually helps them understand the underlying structure of information and how ideas interrelate.
Our concept-based course design helps learners understand the concept in a meaningful way and its application in the real world.


The pupil can enroll for any course, provided they meet the entry requirement based on their ability and not age or school year.


Concept-based courses are stand-alone units of learning with the flexibility to repeat the course to gain a better and deeper understanding of the topic.


With our easy payment options, parents, carers and school teachers can plan and pay for only the courses the pupils need.

Weekly lessons delivered by a dedicated tutor for concept-based courses.

Class Size

Up to 12 Pupils

Age Range

Age 9 and over

Course Length


Five stages of our concept-based learning courses:

1. Pupils get introduced to the concept. The Big Idea!
2. Pupils see the application of the concept in meaningful real-world examples.
3. Pupils get to define associated key terms, facts, formulas, etc.
4. Pupils search for patterns and investigate relationships. Practise relevant skills. See the underlying structure.
5. Pupils make connections using their prior experience and skill to transfer the knowledge to a new situation, which helps students solve new problems.

Promoting Mathematical Thinking Through Conceptual Understanding

Pupils may learn procedures, memorise formulas and rules to complete mathmatical problems, and still many times do not understand the underlying concepts behind the calculations they just have carried out. This inevitably makes it difficult for pupils to progress or appreciate the connection between various mathematical topics.
Once the pupil has grasped a mathematical concept and can apply it to solve problems they begin to develop a deeper understanding and an appreciation for mathematics.

Understanding the concept behind any maths topic is an achievement – though it requires willingness and perseverance on the part of the learner, dedication and expertise on the part of the tutor.



Use fractions with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Use decimals with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Calculate with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Measure with confidence

Ages: Over 10

Parents/guardians are required to register pupils under 18 years.

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