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We welcome applications from dedicated subject experts and educators to create empowering and illuminating courses and become a contributor to our platform. By sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise, you have an opportunity to help pupils reach their true potential conscientiously for tomorrow's world. It's an empowering experience!

There is no going back to the old school system.

Alphareach Learning is a collaborative platform serving the needs of:
Students, Parents and Educators.

Our powerful feature-rich course creation platform gives you freedom and flexibility to create and manage your courses. We provide you with a free space and software so you can intuitively create variety of interactive content and quizzes which you can reuse and repurpose for other course as needed. Furthermore, as a course tutor you can, using our platform easily schedule online lessons and monitor pupils' progress.
In addition, we are happy to provide you with free in-person training in using the digital tools, guidance on learning design and be a sounding board to develop your course.

The Course Themes

We are interested in developing courses; that foster a sense of responsibility, instil moral accountability, develop critical thinking, ask probing ethical questions and enable pupils to be confident problem solvers.
Choose from this topic list 

Opportunities for Course Creator:

- Create topic-based courses.
- Create subject-based courses.
- Create summer courses.
Option to teach the courses you create.


- Maths | English
- Science | Technology
- Arts | Humanities
- Languages

Suitable for pupils:

- Age 8 to 11
- Age 10 to 13
- Age 12 to 15
- Age 14 to 18

You can choose to create a course from this topic list or propose your own.

The benefits of becoming a Course Creator with Alphareach

We will process fees and pay you promptly at the end of the calendar month.
We work together with you to put your course onto our platform.
We publish your profile on our website and promote your services.
We will process your DBS checks and application if you need one.
You get software and training to create your interactive course content.
You will have personal liability insurance for tutoring sessions with us.
You can network and collaborate with other educators on our platform.

You have the option to teach your course and expand your reach to a global audience.

Most popular content types

Interactive book

Create courses, books or tests

Course presentation

Create a presentation with interactive slides

Interactive video

Create videos enriched with interactions

Other Content types


Create vertically stacked expandable items

Branching Scenario

Create dilemmas and self paced learning

Dialog cards

Create text-based turning cards

Drag and drop

Create drag and drop tasks with images

Drag the words

Create text-based drag and drop tasks

Fill in the blanks

Create a task with missing words in a text

Find Multiple Hotspots

Create many hotspots for users to find


Create stylish and modern flashcards

Guess the Answer

Create an image with a question and answer

Image choice

Create a task were the alternatives are images

Image hotspots

Create an image with multiple info hotspots

Image pairing

Drag and drop image matching game

Image Sequencing

Place images in the correct order

Image Slider

Easily create an Image Slider

Mark the words

Create a task where users highlight words

Multiple choice

Create flexible multiple choice questions


Create a questionnaire to receive feedback

Quiz (Question Set)

Create a sequence of various question types

Single choice set

Create questions with one correct answer

True/False Question

Create True/False questions

It's FREE to Register

It is FREE to register with Alphareach as a Course Creator.
If you are a interested in creating courses, we would love you to join our team as we want to offer a wide range of courses to students age eight to eighteen. Please do get in touch for an initial conversation by completing the registration form and emailing your CV with details of two referees (full name, phone number, email and position) and a brief paragraph outlining your relevant skills.

We welcome applicants from all disciplines i.e. Maths, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, History, Psychology, Geography, IT and Coding, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remuneration and Bookings

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