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Course Options

Mastery-Based courses are units of study designed to help students build a solid foundation in the course topic until they feel confident.

Concept-Based courses introduce and help students understand the concept of a topic and its practical application in the real world.

Subject-Based courses help students develop a broad understanding of the subject, supporting them to become confident, independent learners.

Learn About courses are suitable for students to tackle a specific objective from within a topic or gain a broader understanding of a subject.

Life Skills courses provide pupils with strategies and insights to navigate life's challenges, creating transformative learning experiences.

How do our courses work?

1. Select Your Course

All our courses show clear objectives the pupil will study, the duration of the course and prerequisite if, any.

2. Access Your Account

Pupils can access the course content using their ID. After, they get enrolled by their parents, teachers or guardians. 

3. Get Tutor Support

Pupils get support from a dedicated tutor, who monitors the pupils' progress and gives constructive feedback.

4. Attend Weekly Lessons

Pupils attend and participate in the weekly online interactive group lessons delivered by the tutor.

5. Set Study Routine

Pupils plan and organise independent weekly study time as required by the course and work to achieve their specific goals.

6. Take The Test

Pupils take a test at the end of the course.
Pupils can retake the course for any reason to deepen their understanding, revise for exams, remember formulas or perfect any techniques related to the topic.

What are the course benefits?

Benefits for students
  • Choose a course based on the goals you want to achieve.
  • Enrol on a course to build on your experience and interests.
  • Retake a course to improve your skills or understanding.
  • Participate in live online lessons, improve your communication skills.
  • Gain practical experience in using digital technologies and improve your research skills.
Benefits for parents
  • Create a study plan that is suitable to the needs of your child.
  • Allow your child to learn at the pace they feel ready.
  • Choose the course that best fits your program.
  • Supplement your teaching with the support from experienced tutors.
  • Get assistance from tutors who are experts in their field so you can support your child.
Benefits for schools
  • Closes the attainment gap by enrolling pupils on the courses/subjects they need the extra help with.
  • Eases the pressure presented by teacher absence.
  • Expand your topic or subject offering.
  • Offer online courses as an option to build flexibility in timetables.
  • Make savings with group bookings.

We are happy to help you choose the right course for your child/pupil.

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The mastery-based series of courses are suitable for pupils of all abilities regardless of their age. Our mastery approach ensures that pupils master their skills before moving on to the next topic.  

The concept-based series of courses help learners understand the concept and its application in the real world. Our approach is to guide pupils to grasp the ideas in a meaningful way.

The subject-based series of courses helps pupils develop a broad understanding of the subject. Our approach is to empower pupils to become confident, independent learners.
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