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Critical Reading

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About Course

Live tutor led group lessons
1.5 hour per week
Self-study time 
3-4 hour per week
Pass mark
60 %
Expected starting date: 
Thursday 5th October
 Karolina Orszulewska
   Pupils will be assigned homework to complete.

The course price includes personalised tutor support, including individual assignment marking and feedback in addition to the tutor-led lessons.

Students improve their reading skills beyond basic reading comprehension, exploring concepts of explicit and implicit meaning, persuasion and inference in a variety of activities. They learn to compare texts and critically evaluate the language, spotting bias, use analytical skills and identify gist of a text to summarise it. With further work with written language, practising such skills as skimming, scanning and predictive reading, students develop the confidence to understand any text and approach it as an aware critical reader. The aim of the course is to gain advanced comprehension skills and learn how to use these tool every day to process and consciously consume the overwhelming abundance of true and false, neutral and manipulative information on media, social media, Internet and in advertisement. This course is also perfect as part of GCSE Language exam preparation, covering reading skills required by all main examining boards to achieve grade 4 and above.
Who should enrol on this course?
This course will help students who want to:

  • Improve their general reading skills and comprehension.
  • Work with a variety of texts with confidence.
  • Successfully navigate through the overwhelming amount of written information in every day life.
  • Develop love for reading.
  • Prepare for GCSE English language and Functional Skills reading exams.

Ideal for pupils in: 

  • Key Stage 3 – Years 8 (high achievers) and 9
  • Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11  who want to achieve grades 4 and up in GCSE English
  • Key Stage 5 – Years 12 and 13 who are doing A-levels.
  • Functional Skills, especially at level 2.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Improve reading skills.
  • Become a critical reader of a variety of texts.
  • Use critical reading skills in every day life, study and work.

Course Content

Topic 1. What is critical reading
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  • Diagnostic test 1
  • 1.1. Basic reading skills and why they are important
  • 1.2 Skimming, scanning and predictive reading
  • 1.3. Critical reading in practice
  • You as a reader

Topic 2. Working with text to extract information and meaning

Topic 3. Interpreting and evaluatings texts as part of critical reading

Topic 4. Close reading and critical analysis of texts

Topic 5. Consolidate your reading practice

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