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Diagnostic Test For Fractions Course
Topic 1. Introduction to Fractions
Summary of the topic - Identify unit fractions.
Topic 2. Proper and Improper Fractions
Identify different types of fractions Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.
Mastery-Based Learning | Fractions
About Lesson
In this lesson, you will explore proper fractions on a number line.

Watch the video and discuss it with your tutor.

Talk about the keywords.


  • Fraction on a number lineNumerator
  • Denominator
  • Proper Fraction
  • Improper Fraction


Explore fractions

Complete the whole Exercise below.

Self-Study Exercise
Knowing your times tables (and the associated division facts) will help you understand the fraction concept better. It will also make it easy for you to calculate fraction sums.
Times table and division facts

To test your multiplication and division facts: try these three exercises.
Level 4 - Multiplication facts up to twelve times twelve.
Level 5 - Division facts in tables up to twelve.
Level 6 - Mixed multiplication and division.

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