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We welcome applications from caring educators.

Join us in our mission to prepare pupils to reach their full potential for tomorrow’s world ethically!

Experience the joy and freedom to teach the subject you love!

We offer registered tutors the flexibility to work independently developing their practice tutoring pupils, as well as an opportunity to team up with other like-minded tutors to design and develop innovative cross-curricular courses.
Pay Rate

Dependent on the group size and the hours you work

Class Size

Teach one to one or in small groups

Lesson Schedule

Arrange the time that suits you and your pupils

Pupils Age

Choose the age group you prefer to teach

Subjects Taught

Choose the subjects you love to teach

Lesson plans suitable for all abilities, needs and interests.

We currently offer three lesson plans to the parents and teachers for their child/pupil.

  • Personalised lessons - tutored individually at flexible times.
  • Topic based lessons - are taught in small groups at scheduled times.
  • Subject based lessons - are taught in small groups at scheduled times.
To maximise your teaching opportunity and earning potential, you can select all three lesson plans, though you are free to choose only one or two options.

Student Support

Important tutor tasks to improve students learning journey

  • Assess pupils needs and customise lessons according to their needs
  • Make the learning real relevant and rigorous
  • Ensure all learning materials are accessible to pupils
  • Set follow up homework for the pupil to build on their knowledge
  • Prepare pupils for appropriate exams where necessary
  • Support pupils to achieve their specific academic goal
  • Use a variety of resources to develop engaging lessons
  • Give timely feedback to parents or guardians or schools

Exciting future ahead for online education

As educators, we are aware that there is no turning back to the old school system. Online learning is at an inflection point. We aim to use cutting-edge digital technologies to develop innovative curriculum and inspiring content that empowers the new generation of learners growing up in the information age.

We are excited about the future and are committed to increasing our range of lesson plans in the coming months to; problem based learning, project based learning and integrated learning.

Tutor opportunities

Connect with colleagues:

  • Team up with other tutors to plan, promote and deliver joint lessons
  • Collaborate with other tutors to design and teach a cross curricular course
  • Deliver informative webinars to inform parents and increase your audience
  • Network to share, improve and bounce your ideas with other tutors
  • Develop and teach problem based and project based lessons

Qualification and Experience

To become an online tutor with Alphareach:
You need to be knowledgeable about the subject you wish to teach and qualified up to diploma level or equivalent in the field.
You must be interested in learning and have a passion for teaching.

An important skill to have is a good aptitude for formatting word-processed documents, manage computer files and an ability to create engaging presentations.
An ability to edit images and videos, manage/create databases and use spreadsheets is advantageous.

It is advantageous if you have teaching experience or are a private tutor.
If you do not have any teaching experience but want to tutor, we can help you train as long as you are committed to teaching.

Here is a checklist to help you get ready for online lessons.

You'll need:
  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • A wired headset. Apple Earphones and Bluetooth devices (like AirPods) are not suitable. It may disrupt the audio and lead to echo or a lack of audio.
  • A webcam - your device will already have a default camera built-in. Please note, all tutors are required to use their webcam at least in the first lesson.
  • Strong internet connection.
  • A compatible browser.
  • Graphics tablet – recommended.

You need to be able to use and be familiar with virtual platforms such as BBB, Blackboard, zoom or Microsoft teams. Understand your browser settings.

Yes, a valid DBS certificate is essential.

Please fill out the following headings:

  • The subjects and levels I tutor
  • My teaching philosophy
  • My teaching experience
  • My qualifications
  • My achievements (optional)
  • My interests, any voluntary work (optional)
  • Your photo (optional- recommended)

Remuneration and Bookings

Your earning potential depends on the hours you teach, the number of students you teach and the fees you charge. Please check the recommended price list.

  • You receive full pay for the first two months of the revenue earned.
  • You contribute 5% of the revenue generated from each session taught after the first two months. 

You invoice Alphareach for the lessons taught on the last date of each calendar month or the 1st week of the following month.
Alphareach shall make payment to you by direct bank transfer within three working days of receiving the invoice.

To book or reschedule the personalised lessons, you must contact the parent/guardian of the pupil directly. You must not contact the pupil directly if they are under eighteen years of age. 

The topic based and subject based lesson times and dates are scheduled in advance.

We expect tutors to be punctual and fully committed to the work they do. Though, there may be unavoidable circumstances that may cause delay or unable to deliver your scheduled lesson.

If you cannot deliver a booked lesson, we recommend you reschedule the session notifying the customer and Alphareach. The customer will get a refund for any paid session if you are unable to reschedule the session. 

You will need to reschedule your lessons if the pupil has given you advance notice at least 24 hours before the scheduled time or if they are absent due to technical difficulties or an emergency.

Sometimes things crop up, and you have to rearrange the lessons. 

Our cancellation policy ensures that students have flexibility and continuity with their learning, and the tutors have protection against last-minute changes. 

For personalised lesson

Parents/teachers notify the tutor to cancel the lessons as early as possible or at a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled date and time.

As a dedicated tutor, your priority is to reschedule the missed appointment for a convenient time.

For topic based or subject based lessons

These lessons are on a monthly subscription. You may invite the pupil to attend any other sessions at your discretion.   

We understand that sometimes lessons are cancelled.
If you cannot reschedule a personalised lesson, the customer will receive a refund for the cancelled session.

We can support you to create engaging, meaningful and impactful lessons for your students.