Adapting to the changing educational landscape

Impactful lessons

To facilitate the best possible online learning experience for our pupils, we use a variety of strategies to deliver live interactive lessons supported by a dedicated tutor.

Teaching online


What you will need

  • a reliable internet connection
  • a computer or a laptop
  • suitable headphones (optional)

We will support you with the rest so you can keep learning!

Individual learning pathway

We strive to provide quality education for all pupils whether they are;

from disadvantaged or privileged backgrounds, disengaged or diligent, special needs or high achieving.



  • Pupils choose their learning path, based on their existing skills, personal needs, interests and goals.
  • Pupils learn actively where progress is based on evidence of mastery instead of time spent learning.
  • Pupils view assessment as a positive empowering experience to ascertain their learnt skills.
  • Pupils are supported in choosing their learning pathways based on skills and personal objectives.
  • Pupils are provided with relevant, meaningful, purposeful learner centred content to suit their interests.
  • Pupils receive relevant, actionable feedback on their assessment results identifying options for progress.


Additional benefits

Study from comfortable surroundings

Make savings on travel costs and time

Schedule lesson at a convenient time