Enabling Mastery Learning

Mastery learning has the potential for narrowing the attainment gap.
Training pupils to master the basics of numeracy and literacy is essential and relevant even in our information-driven digital age.
Our 'Master Your Skills' courses are designed to help pupils progress and acquire competency in the foundational topics.


Pupils enroll for any course based on their ability and need and NOT by age. Pupils can retake the course if necessary!


Master your skills courses are flexible units of study. Pupils enrol in one or multiple topics based on the diagnostic test results.


With our affordable monthly payment options, parents and schools can easily plan and pay for only the courses the pupils need.

Dedicated and experienced tutors deliver weekly online lessons.

Class Size

Up to 12 Pupils

Age Range

Age 9 and over

Course Length


Our Mastery Approach

Our mastery method
  • Select the topic and outcome you want to achieve.
  • Attend the interactive introductory group session with the tutor. 
  • Define and memorise: the key terms, key facts, keywords, properties and laws associated with the topic.
  • Understand related examples or algorithms.
  • Participate in the Talk About group sessions. 
  • Practise associated techniques and methods.
  • Solve meaningful learner constructed examples. 
  • Get tutor feedback, analyse mistakes, practice again. 
  • Keep repeating until you can articulate.
  • Take the assessment.
  • If you have achieved the required grade (usually 80%) move to the next level, otherwise repeat the course.  

Mastery Approach

Research shows that the mastery of numeracy skills is necessary to advance in the study of maths. It is also essential for success in STEAM subjects. Pupils who are proficient with the fundamental mathematical skills do remarkably well academically.
Click here to find out more about the numeracy topics - the building blocks for advanced mathematics.
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