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Our Safe Guarding Policy

1. Overview

Alphareach Learning Ltd is a learning platform that brings together pupils, parents, responsible adults and educators for learning and teaching. As a collaborative space, our service is built on trust - the safety of all our participants is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to safeguarding all participants and seek to provide safe learning and teaching experience.

1.1. Our policies have been developed along with our terms and conditions to comply with all relevant safeguarding legislation.

1.2. Breach of our policies set out below will result in the matter being investigated. We may terminate our service agreement if an amicable solution, following the investigation, is not found.

1.3. Users must contact us immediately by email for any concerns they may have regarding the safety of our users.

1.4. Our contact details:

Senior lead for safeguarding and child protection.

Name: Sofia Dawoodji



2. Alphareach Responsibilities

2.1. Alphareach will interview the tutor, check their DBS status (if from the UK) and collect references from two referees of every tutor joining our team. We shall accept that the references provided are in good faith and will be on our website.

2.2. All tutor experiences, qualifications, references from the referee and their DBS status will be made available for parents, pupils and all of our website users to view on their dedicated profile page.

2.3. Alphareach shall take measures to protect user information as set out in our privacy policies according to the relevant legislation.

2.4. Alphareach shall endeavour to ensure that complaints are dealt with promptly. 

2.5. Alphareach shall periodically review this Safeguarding policy, our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions to ensure they are safeguarding all users.

2.6. Alphareach shall request personal information of the pupils from the parent or legal guardian of all learners under 18 years of age. We will use this personal information to operate, manage, and maintain our business, to provide our products and services.

2.7. Alphareach shall endeavour to record live online lessons to review and improve our services. The recordings may be used for any matters of complaints made from users if made within seven days. These recordings shall remain the property of Alphareach. 


3. Student Responsibilities

3.1. Students under 18 years have to be enrolled by a parent, legal guardian, school teacher or any other person nominated by an organisation.  

3.2. Students over 18 years old can book online lessons for themselves. They must ensure that the details and contact information are accurate and up-to-date.

3.3. Students under the age of 18 must not pass on any personal or contact details to Alphareach tutors or any employees of Alphareach.

3.4. Students are advised not to communicate directly with the tutors or any employees of Alphareach, without permission from their parents or legal guardian, outside of their allotted classroom teaching time.

3.5. Students of any age must not pass on details of any family member or friends to Alphareach, the tutors or any employees of Alphareach. However, you may recommend our services or products to friends and family.

3.6. All communication between the students and tutors must be relevant to the topic or subject. The student must adhere to the online class rules set by the tutor to ensure efficient use of learning opportunities.

3.7. Students must treat the tutors and fellow learners in the group politely with respect and avoid over-talking other participants.

3.8. Students must report any matters that cause concerns or complaints as they arise to the tutor or our safeguarding officer (see 1.4 for reporting details).


4. Tutor Responsibilities

4.1. Tutors must register to work with Alphareach on a freelance basis and are responsible for their actions online or offline.

4.2. Tutors must ensure that their personal information, CV and the personal statements that they provide us are accurate and concise. They must update this information promptly if any changes take place. 

These include any criminal convictions or pending convictions and caution.

4.3. Tutors must undertake not to contact students they teach that are under the age of 18 directly, but to contact their parents, responsible adult or school teacher if necessary to book or reschedule a lesson, or to communicate any concerns or to reports on the academic progress of the students. Tutors must ensure the particulars of this communication is stated in the tutor portal within 24 hours.

4.4. Tutors must inform Alphareach of any safeguarding issues or concerns regarding Alphareach registered students they know.

4.5. Tutors must ensure that all participants in their lessons are made aware of the online class rules before the beginning of their first session. Tutors must also ensure that all participants in group lessons remain courteous and respectful towards one another.

4.6. Tutors must treat students equitably, without prejudice or discrimination - regardless of their age, ability, attitude, beliefs, temperament or personality.

4.7. Tutors must ensure that the online class discussion remains focused on achieving the lesson objective. Tutors must provide positive and constructive feedback to student contributions in online class discussions and forums if used.

4.8. Tutors must ensure that the resources they use, in any format or medium, are not offensive, divisive or detrimental to the safety and wellbeing of students.

4.9. Tutors must provide constructive feedback of student progress to the students, parents, legal guardian or school teacher when required.

4.10. Tutors working collaboratively with other Alphareach tutors must ensure respectful interactions and provide each other with constructive feedback.

4.11. Tutors must report any concerns or complaints immediately as they arise to our safeguarding officer (see 1.4 for reporting details).


5. Parent or Responsible Adult (includes legal guardian, school teacher) Responsibilities

5.1 The parent or the responsible adult will be responsible for selecting suitable online lessons and courses based on the pupil's needs, booking the time and date of the lessons and making pre-payments of fees for the students.

5.1 The parent or legal guardian must ensure they read the course objectives and description for course suitability and the tutor profile on the Alphareach website ( before registering the student on the course.

5.3. The parent or legal guardian must inform the student of the time and date of the lessons and our Safeguarding Policy.

5.4 The parent or legal guardian may be present or available during the learning sessions. They can directly communicate to the tutor any concerns or comments they may have regarding their child's progress by email.

5.5. The parent or legal guardian must treat the tutors with respect and ensure that their child logs in the session at the designated time and complies with the tutor's request to complete any assigned homework.

5.6. The parent or legal guardian must ensure the student and tutor do not directly communicate outside of the learning sessions unless the tutor is known to the pupil in an informal setting before registering with Alphareach.

5.7. The parent or legal guardian should forward the link to the online sessions only to the child registered to take the online lesson. 

58. The parent or legal guardian must report any concerns or complaints immediately as they arise to our safeguarding officer (see 1.4 for reporting details).


6. Alphareach Standards

It is important to us that everyone has a positive experience learning with Alphareach. Please assume the best intention in other people and offer constructive comments where required. If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, please inform us, and we will do our best to evaluate and improve where possible.

Alphareach has a code of conduct for teachers, parents and pupils, which you can read about in our Operational Standards. We request all participants to abide by these standards.

If you see behaviour that goes against these standards, let us know at

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