“Education empowers individuals to discover their own interests and passion in life”.

Alphareach learning center is based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire – covering Batley, Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton, Ossett, Birstall, Thornhill, Ravensthorpe and Mirfield areas.Education

  • We offer personalised learning based on each learners prior knowledge, experience and ability.
  • We structure our tutorial sessions to effectively compliment the national curriculum.
  • We adapt our teaching methods to suit different learning styles.
  • We employ diverse pedagogic strategies to develop independent learners.

Since you are here reading this than you already share the same ethos as us, that education enhances opportunities in life. It empowers individuals to discover their passion in life. Each learner is unique and Alphareach offers support based on students’ individual abilities and experiences to develop and consolidate their respective learning objective.


How do we tutor?

We usually tutor in small groups of four or five students. We organise our groups to maximise the learning support each student can get.
In some circumstances, we can also provide tutoring on a one to one basis.

What is the age range?

We provide assistance to anyone over five years of age.

Primary, secondary, college and adults.

What are the learning options?

Depending on your preference we offer…

  • Long term option: The long term option usually lasts one year or more. This option is suitable for pupils requiring regular weekly support to develop new skills, improve academic performance and ultimately gain mastery of the target subject they are learning over time. We generally recommend group based learning for this option.
  • Short term option: A short focused course of study usually ranging from 1 week to 3 months. This is ideally suitable for pupils in need of particular topic based learning to acquire more specific skills and techniques. This option also proves beneficial to students who are seeking to do extra revision before an exam. We generally recommend a 1:1 tutorial session for this option.

What are the subjects and level we tutor?

The main subjects we offer at primary level are Maths, English and general knowledge.

The main subjects we offer at secondary level are Maths, English, Science and Business Studies.

We can also prepare your child for grammar tests.

In addition to the above mentioned subjects we can try to arrange support for A Level subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Law and English. Click here for more detail. We can also try to find you a specialist tutor for other subjects at GCSE and A’level. Please email or phone with your request. You may have to pay a deposit of £10 which is refunded when you book the first lesson. Please be patient as it may take us sometime to find the specialist tutor.

Key Stage




1 & 2

3 & 4


Grammar Test

Functional Skills

A Level


What is the cost of tuition?

The cost depends on the key stages your child is at and the payment and learning option you choose.

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