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Private Tuition


Tailored tuition support can improve the academic performance of the pupil.

red tick  Free consultation with the dedicated tutor before you register.

red tick  Option to study one pupil to one tutor, or with two or three pupils (e.g. siblings) at a reduced rate.

red tick We work with parents and the school teacher to personalise the lesson for the pupil.

Tuition suitable for pupils:

  • Age 8 and over.
  • Who need long term ongoing support.
  • Who need booster lessons to build confidence.
  • Who need extra help to achieve their academic goal.
  • Who are home tutored, at school or in alternative education.

stack of booksPersonalised lessons

Customised content to suit pupils' needs and abilities has a positive impact.



Maths | English | Science | IT
History | Geography | Coding

Covering syllabus for pupils in:

  • Primary phase years 4, 5 and 6
  • Secondary phase years 7, 8 and 9
  • GCSE Foundation and Higher
  • A level


Free consultation and diagnostic assessment

Book appointments directly with the tutor

Follow up homework to reinforce the learning

Flexible payment options

All online lessons are interactive and delivered by a dedicated tutor.
Parents/guardians are required to register pupils under 18 years of age.

Free online consultation

Book a FREE online consultation

FREE 30 minutes of online consultation with parents looking for ideas to support their child's studies at home. 

Free online assessment

Book a FREE online assessment

Book an online assessment with a tutor to sign up your child for personalised tuition.

Tuition FAQs

Online Lessons

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere!

- Chinese Proverb

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