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Our Private Tutors

Our tutors are selected based on their high level of qualification and many years of tutoring experience.

We have also done a reference check for all our tutors and a DBS certificate check for UK tutors.  

Our tutors are dedicated and determined to make a difference in helping your child reach their true potential with a focus on:  

  • boosting confidence
  • increasing motivation 
  • improving exam results
Online Assessment Requirements  For Online Lessons You Will Need:
   A good solid internet connection. 
   Use either a computer or a laptop with webcam and microphone capabilities for the online assessment and lessons.

Book private tutoring lessons with confidence.

Step 1.

Parent/Guardian select the tutor, fill in the form and submit your request for the meeting

Step 2.

The tutor will email you to arrange a suitable date and time to meet online with you and your child to determine their academic goals.

Step 3.

Fill out the form to engage the tutor. We will contact you to discuss your lesson plan options and schedule a free diagnostic assessment.
Please note this call will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4.

The tutor will tailor the diagnostic assessment based on your child's academic needs.
Develop a tailored lesson plan based on the diagnostic test result.
Schedule the tutoring sessions at mutually convenient times.

Please Note: Your details will be used solely by us to contact you regarding the lessons and any special offers we may have.

Private Tutor Profiles

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Agata Cislo

Agata Cislo

Maths/ Physics Tutor

Subject Level Price (per session) Times available
Maths KS2/ KS3 £23 Weekdays & weekends
7am - 9pm
Maths GCSE £25
Maths AS Level/ A Level £28
Physics GCSE £25

Agata Cislo

Maths/ Physics Tutor Highest Qualification:
Based in: UK MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Ages 8 - 18 Teaching experience:
Reference checked 13 + years

I have always had a passion for Maths and Physics which led me to study for my degree in Civil Engineering. With almost 13 years tutoring experience in 1-2-1 and small group settings in a range of topics, I am confident I can help students achieve their academic and career goals. I am approachable and patient and understand that every person progresses at a different pace and in a different way. I think a personalised learning programme is the best and most effective way to ensure the tutee develops their understanding. I always tailor lessons to suit the student's needs and learning style. I value students as well as parents feedback and closely monitor progress to make sure we are achieving the set targets.

Amanda Lai

Amanda Lai

English Tutor

Subject Level Price (per session) Times available
English KS2/ KS3 £18 Weekdays & weekends
7am - 9pm
English GCSE £23
English A level £25
English Adults £25

Amanda Lai

English Tutor Highest Qualification:
Based in: UK Master in Business Administration/ TEFL Level 5 Diploma
Ages 8 - 18 & adults Teaching experience:
Reference checked 18 + years

- An experienced tutor and teacher of more than 18 years’ experience.
- Patient, considerate, and respectful in keeping the learning atmosphere harmonious.
- Focus to work with students on their weaknesses in order to boost enhancement instantly.
- Expert in teaching Grammar and Writing.

Mansi Khanna

Mansi Khanna

Maths Tutor

Subject Level Price (per session) Times available
Maths KS2 £18 6pm - 7pm

Mansi Khanna

Maths Tutor Highest Qualification:
Based in: India BA Maths(H), B.Ed.
Ages 8 - 12 Teaching experience:
Reference checked 6 + years

Mansi Khanna is a math teacher with 6 years of teaching experience. She has a passion for teaching math and helping students reach their potential. She likes to make learning fun, engaging and adapted to student's needs and interests as students grasp the concepts easily if they enjoy learning. She is friendly and loves children so they naturally become comfortable with her. She welcomes student and parent feedback, so that corrective measures can be taken and the student achieves the desired goal. She also loves to meditate and has taught meditation at an NGO.

Pavinder Singh

Pavinder Singh

Maths Tutor Highest Qualification:
Based in: UK Bachelor's Degree - Maths
Ages 12 - 18 & adults Teaching experience:
DBS checked 3 + years

As a Maths Tutor with Bsc Mathematics degree (2.1) and relevant experience of the education and examination process being a pupil at one of the top grammar schools in the UK I tutored over 3 years with Maths of all levels and have been tutoring students in schools as an intervention tutor as well; over 800+ hours taught online. I can prove myself as a devoted tutor that can deliver sessions suited to the pupil - I have amazing reviews from my students which I can share who have exceeded their targets at GCSE and are happy to continue with A Level Sessions. I keep sessions focused and always set regular work to be completed before next session.

Pavinder Singh

Maths Tutor

Subject Level Price (per session) Times available
Maths KS3 £26 Weekdays & weekends 7am - 9pm
Maths GCSE £29
Maths AS Level/ A Level £33
Maths Functional Skills £30
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