Algebra Basics all 5 books


Product Code: ABBUD1

In this bundle there are five workbooks each is:

Pages: 36 | Size: A4

Suitable for: Key Stage 3/4 – ages 11 to 16



The importance of appreciating algebra 

Learning the basics of algebra is importantly viewed as a gatekeeper topic to learn higher-level mathematics at the secondary phase of the pupils’ learning journey. It is the key to opening the doors for pupils interested in pursuing careers in science, engineering and technology.

The advantage of using Alphareach Algebra Basics workbooks

The Algebra Basics series of workbooks from Alphareach introduces and gradually reinforces key words, terms, notation and conventions used in algebra. There are lots of examples all set out clearly, and by working through the entire series, pupils are provided an opportunity to develop the ability to reason mathematically, a skill necessary if they wish to excel at higher level maths, science or engineering subjects.

The workbooks facilitate opportunities for pupils to appreciate algebra by working through the guided examples conjecturing relationships and generalising from specific to specialising from general examples.



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