Directed Numbers Book 1


Product Code: DRNB1

Pages: 36 | Size A4

Suitable for: Key Stage 2/3 – ages 9 to 13

ISBN: 978-1-912585-70-0

Expected delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks.


Learning Objective

  • Identify directed numbers.
  • Use directed number line to order numbers.
  • Use directed numbers in real life situation.
  • Work out distance between the numbers.
  • Add and subtract directed numbers.

Learning Outcome

After working through this workbook the pupil should be able to:

  • Read and interpret negative and positive numbers in real life situation.
  • Read scales with negative and positive numbers.
  • Compare and work out the difference between the positive and negative integer values in context of real world problems such as temperatures, money, sea level etc.
  • Add and subtract directed numbers.

Recommended Level 

This workbook will help pupil to build the knowledge and skills expected to match the new National Curriculum for years 5 and 6. Although in reality many pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 will benefit from working through this workbook as a refresher.

The mathematical tasks in these workbooks are based on the variation theory. The tasks are set in a variety of contexts, with multiple representations that enable the pupils to  develop conceptual and concrete understanding of negative and positive numbers.  Additionally, the worked examples explain the rules and provide step by step guidance of how to calculate using the arithmetic operations with plenty of examples for pupils to learn the rules and internalise the concept.

To maximise the benefit for the learners, it is recommended that these workbook should be used from beginning to end.


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