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Equivalent Fractions Book 3

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Pages: 32 | Size A4

Suitable for: Key Stage 2/3 – ages 10 to 14

ISBN: 978-1-912585-46-5

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Equivalent Fractions Book 3

Equivalent fractions have different numerators and denominators but represent the same value.

Learning Objectives

  • To define key words associated with fractions.
  • Be able to multiply and divide equivalent fractions.
  • Compare fractions using a fraction wall.
  • Express one number as a fraction.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this workbook will be able to:

  • Recognise equivalent fractions from diagrams.
  • Compare fractions using the fraction wall.
  • Express a smaller number as a fraction of a larger one.
  • Detect relationships with the times tables, division facts and the equivalent fractions.
  • Recognise and use times tables and the division facts with the equivalence of fractions.

This workbook will help to build the knowledge and skills expected to match the new National Curriculum for years 5 and 6. Although, pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 can also benefit from this workbook because they can use this as a refresher.

The mathematical tasks in equivalent of fractions workbook enables the pupils to

  • deepen their understanding of the concepts of equivalent fractions,
  • develop techniques to solve problems related to equivalent fractions,
  • review and revise common factors, 
  • review and revise common multiples.

It is best to use this workbook from beginning to end.

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Equivalent Fractions Book 3Equivalent Fractions Book 3
Original price was: £7.00.Current price is: £6.00.

Availability: 30 in stock