Finding Facts About Time


Product Code: FFTM1

Pages: 36 | Size A4

Suitable for: Key Stage 2 – ages 7 to 10

ISBN: 978-1-912585-07-6



Finding Facts About Time.

This workbook critically develops the awareness of the passage of time introducing three different measuring systems; clocks, calendars and seasons. This workbook is cross curricular and supports the pupils’ development in numeracy, literacy, handwriting skills and general factual knowledge of time. Having a good, legible handwriting is an essential skill that supports the academic achievement of all learners and this workbook supports this development.

Finding facts about time workbook is relevant for pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 though it can be useful for some pupils in other years.

To maximise the benefit for the learners, it is recommended that these workbooks should be used from beginning to end.



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