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Telling the Time Books 1 & 2 – Pages: 32

Finding Facts About Time – Pages: 36

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The advantage of using the Alphareach Telling the Time series of workbooks

The Telling the Time series is a guided structured series of books that teaches pupils the basics of recognising time to the hour, half hour, quarter past, quarter to and in 5 minutes intervals.

The workbooks engage pupils to explore the analogue clock face and write the time showing in words and digits. More are planned!

A Special Cross Curricular Workbook

This workbook critically develops the awareness of the passage of time introducing three different measuring systems; clocks, calendars and seasons. This workbook is cross curricular and supports the pupils’ development in numeracy, literacy, handwriting skills and general factual knowledge of time. The workbook is relevant for pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 though it can be useful for some pupils in other years.

The workbook introduces the pupils to the relevant key words and abbreviations associated with time, expanding their vocabulary and improving spelling. It engages learners to reflect on the changing seasons and related seasonal colours with the poems encouraging visual imagery.

The Talk About! sections open up many opportunities for discussion with the pupils.



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