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Now you can purchase maths workbooks from Alphareach!

Presented in a unique style the workbooks connect various strands of mathematical concepts to provide a holistic approach.

Message from the Author...

"Having been a private maths tutor for over twenty five years, I firmly believe that in order for the students to build a strong foundation and gain a good grasp of the core concepts in maths, rigorous practice is required.

These workbooks are inspired and developed from the vast experience I have gained by creating countless customised examples and worksheets to support the individual needs of students I have taught over many years, revealing the misconceptions and difficulties students can encounter learning maths. 

Following on from the success I have had using these workbooks with my own students, I am keen to offer them to teachers to support their pupils and parents interested in helping their children build a solid foundation in mathematics."   

 Handwriting Workbooks
  • Handwriting practice pen control.
  • Handwriting practice upper case letters.
  • Handwriting practice lower case letters.
  • Handwriting practice upper and lower case letters.
  • Handwriting practice numbers one to ten.
Times Table with corresponding Division Workbooks
  • Times Table BK1 - 2, 5 & 10.
  • Times Table BK2 - 3, 6 & 9.
  • Times Table BK3 - 4, 8 & 7.
  • Times Table BK4 - 2 to 9.
  • Times Table BK5 - 11 to 15


All about time
  • About Time Book 1
  • About Time Book 2
  • All About Time


Money sense
  • Money Sense Bk-1a Counting money from 1p to 20p.
  • Money Sense BK-1b Counting money from 20p to 50p.
  • Money Sense BK-2a Counting money from 50p to £1.00.
  • Money Sense Bk-2b Counting money from 50p to £1.00.


Fraction Workbooks
  • Fraction Basics BK1
  • Fraction Basics BK2
  • Fraction Basics BK3
  • Fraction Basics BK4
  • Fraction Collection BK1
  • Fraction Collection BK2
  • Equivalent Fraction BK1
  • Equivalent Fraction BK2
  • Equivalent Fraction BK3
  • Add and Subtract Fractions with same denominator BK1
  • Add and Subtract Fractions with different denominator BK2
  • Add and Subtract Fractions BK3
Shapes Workbooks
  • Area and Perimeter Book 1
  • Area and Perimeter Book 1
  • 2D Shapes BK1
 Pre Algebra Workbooks
  • Directed Numbers Book 1
  • Directed Numbers Book 2
  • BIDMAS Book 1
  • BIDMAS Book 2
Algebra Workbooks
  • Algebra Basics Book 1
  • Algebra Basics Book 2
  • Algebra Basics Book 3
  • Algebra Basics Book 4
  • Algebra Basics Book 5
  • Equation Basics Book 1
  • Equation Basics Book 2

Many advantages of using the Alphareach workbooks in schools.

  • No loose sheets of paper that can get lost or crumpled.
  • No random pick and mix questions instead, comprehensive coverage of a topic linking different strands within mathematics that develops deeper understanding of essential mathematical concept.
  • The workbooks can help as an intervention strategy to support struggling pupil or to challenge more able pupil.
  • Pupil can look back through the workbook and monitor their own progress.
  • The workbook emphasise key words and facts repeatedly.
  • Lots of practice to enhance problem solving skill of your pupil.
  • The workbooks are effective as a stand-alone topic to learn or as a supplement to the topic you are teaching.
  • Time saver for busy teacher.
  • Support for supply teacher.

I am happy to arrange a skype meeting with a teacher for inspection of the workbooks.

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