To Achieve Success! 

Educators know that poor numeracy skills can hold back pupils’ progress and can lower their self-esteem. The love of learning maths comes from being able to solve mathematical problems with confidence.

The Alphareach maths workbooks connect different strands of mathematical concepts to provide a holistic approach.

To develop a firm foundation and gain a good grasp of the core concepts in maths, varied and frequent practice is required.

Icon Workbook1Incorporating the National Curriculum

The workbooks closely follow the national curriculum framework and guidance, offering comprehensive coverage of the topics by linking different strands within mathematics.

Icon Workbook6Talk About!

The Talk About! is a special interactive feature added in the workbooks for the pupils to articulate what they already know of the concept, procedure or the key term. It enables the teacher/parent to assess the pupils’ understanding of the topic and respond accordingly in further developing the pupils’ knowledge.

It helps the pupils reinforce learnt techniques, clear any misconceptions and deepen their understanding of the topic.

Icon Workbook2Alphareach Maths workbooks

The mathematical tasks in the workbooks are designed based on the variation theory. The use of conceptual and procedural variation enables learners to build a firm foundation and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, improving pupils learning outcomes.

Icon Workbook4Inspiring Pupils to Think Mathematically

The workbooks employ various pedagogic strategies to engage the pupils in using their natural powers of imagination and inspires them to think mathematically.

Icon Workbook3Structured Series

Maths is a sequential subject to learn. Pupils make progress by building upon their previous knowledge. The topics-based structured series of workbooks from Alphareach, with varied and frequent practice of the tasks in increasing complexity makes it easy for the pupil to internalise and master the skill set necessary to confidently solve problems within the given topic.

Icon Workbook5
Key Words

The workbooks frequently emphasise key words, facts, formulas, phrases and definitions to help pupils develop the mathematical vocabulary and strengthen and improve their memory.

Benefits of using the Alphareach workbooks in schools and home
  • No loose sheets of paper getting lost or crumpled.
  • Comprehensive coverage of a topic, linking different strands within mathematics to develop a deep understanding of the essential mathematical concept.
  • Pupils can look back through the workbook and monitor their progress.
  • The workbook emphasises keywords and facts repeatedly.
  • Lots of practice to enhance problem solving skills for the pupils.
  • The workbooks can help as an intervention strategy to support struggling pupils or to challenge more able pupils.
  • Time saver for the busy teacher.
Possible ways you can use these workbooks in class
  • Intervention work with pupils requiring extra practice.
  • Classroom use by a supply teacher or cover supervisor.
  • Home use; solely for setting homework.
  • Combination of classroom and home use.
  • Scheduled classroom use by teachers or teaching assistants.
  • Use in homework and numeracy clubs on your school premises can use these workbooks for added support.
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