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Food Miles Calculator

"As the crow flies" refers to the most direct or straight-line distance between two points, without regard for obstacles or the actual path that may be taken to travel between the two points. The phrase is often used to describe the shortest distance between two places, as if a crow were able to fly directly from one place to another without interruption.

Please note: The above calculation only gives a rough estimate of the distance travelled to get an item from one capital city to another. These calculations are produced based on the average amount of CO2 emissions produced per mile and can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the specific conditions of the journey.

1. What do you think is the distance your food has travelled via different modes of transport?
Make sure they all add up to the distance above.

Mode of transport Number of miles

Choose how you would like to calculate the carbon emissions:

Mode of transport Number of miles CO2 emission per mile Total CO2 emissions
Flight: 0.36kgC02
Road: 0.29kgC02
Rail: 0.10kgC02
Sea: 0.20kgC02

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