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We believe teaching children using Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can give them the knowledge, skills, values and motivation to address the global issues of our modern times of poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental degradation.

Our goal at Alphareach is threefold in using the SDG as a tool to:

  1. Motivate pupils to adopt sustainable living practices in their lives. 
  2. Increase awareness of the global issues affecting us all, such as poverty, inequality, and biodiversity and reflect on how these issues are multidimensional and interlinked. 
  3. Build empathy as sentient beings in the age of AI to play a crucial role as adults in shaping a more sustainable and equitable world to live in beyond 2030. 


This interactive book on sustainable development goals has eight pages, with content, interactive videos, flashcards and quizzes to keep the pupil engaged and learning. The last page, 9, is the progress report and the quiz test result of the pupil.

This resources is suitable for pupil age 10 and over.

We acknowledge The United Nations website for the use of information used on this page.

We welcome your feedback on our resources. It will help us improve existing resources and as we develop new resources and courses. 

We welcome contributions of resources from educators who would like to share on our platform, either free or paid.  

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