We are looking for committed individuals to join us in our mission to empower learners.

In these difficult times, online lessons are not an option anymore but a necessity. 

Online Teaching

What you will need to get started...

  • A solid internet connection - 10 MB/s speed or above
  • A computer/laptop with a webcam
  • A headset with a microphone.

Our tutors are:

  • Passionate about teaching
  • Focused on improving learner engagement
  • Bold and think outside the box
  • Eager to develop new skills
  • Willing to work collaboratively. 

Time for Sharing

Due to current Coronavirus crisis we appeal to all applicant to commit to teaching one or two free hours of lessons per week.


Tutors with a teaching qualification, degree or a diploma in the subject they wish to teach. However we may consider talented applicants with other qualifications. DBS required for UK tutors.


Minimum Computer Skills: Good aptitude with formatting word processed documents, manage computer files, able to create engaging presentations. An ability to manage/create database and using spreadsheets is advantageous.

NOT NECESSARY THOUGH GREATLY VALUED IF YOU POSSESS ANY OF THE THESE - Advanced computer skills: coding, web designing, SEO, other online skills.  

Share your skills and ideas

If you already have the skills to teach online then you will hit the ground running. You can share ideas, tips and tricks with other tutors in the team to create engaging, impact-full lessons.

What sets us apart from the crowd:

  • Free training with getting use to teaching online.

  • Space where you can collaborate with colleagues and develop new ideas.

  • Teaching platform where you can trial your ideas and get constructive feedback.

Experience the joy and freedom to teach the subject you love and get creative!

Pay Rate

Depends on the group size and tutor expertise.

Class Size

Teach one to one or in small groups between 3 to 10 pupils.

Lesson Schedule

Arrange the time that suits you and your pupils

Pupils Age

Choose the age group you want to teach

Subjects Taught

Choose the subjects you love to teach