The conceptual learning courses will assist pupils to:

  • Discuss the concept in depth.
  • Define key terms.
  • Practice key skills.
  • Highlight errors and misconceptions.
  • Apply the conceptual idea in a meaningful way.

Building a firm foundation

The conceptual learning courses:

  • Are scheduled for eight weeks.
  • Have weekly interactive group lessons with a tutor (see course details).
  • Require independent study time of between 2 to 3 hours per week. 

Check the entry requirement for your chosen topic.

The conceptual learning courses are structured sessions providing the pupil with an opportunity to truly understand the concept within a topic and the context to use it in.
Pupils' efforts to make sense of the concepts and apply it in a meaningful way are constantly changing and evolving. Our flexible approach provides the pupil with an opportunity to repeat the course to gain a better and deeper understanding of their chosen topic.
With our affordable monthly payment options, the pupil can do one or more courses simultaneously.

Class Size

8 to 12 Pupils

Age Range

9 and over

Class Time

60 to 90 minutes

Course Length

8 to 12 weeks
The conceptual learning courses are for any pupil wishing to gain or better understand the concept behind a topic.
Ideally suitable for pupils age nine to sixteen.

This course is especially suitable for students studying towards achieving grades 3, 4, and 5 for GCSE.

The conceptual learning courses:

  • provides a strong foundation on which further learning can be built.
  • clarifies why an idea is important and the context in which it is useful.
  • offer active engagement and develops the ability to think from first principles.

A dedicated tutor will explain, monitor and give feedback to the pupil

Session duration is usually 60 to 90 minutes. Please check the course details for session times.

The pupil will receive self-study exercises to complete after each session - this is an opportunity for the student to improve their understanding of the concepts within the topic.

Discussions | Problem solving | Quizzes | Games | Competition

Entry requirements details are on the course page.

The conceptual learning series of topic-based courses help learners understand the concept and its application in the real world.

Pupils may learn procedures, memorize formulas and rules to complete math problems, and still many times do not understand the underlying concepts behind the calculations they just have carried out. This inevitably makes it difficult for pupils to progress or appreciate the connection between various mathematical topics.
Once the pupil has grasped a mathematical concept and can apply it to solve problems they begin to develop a deeper understanding and an appreciation for mathematics.


Use fractions with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Use decimals with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Calculate with confidence

Ages: Over 10


Measure with confidence

Ages: Over 10

Parents/guardians are required to register pupils under 18 years.