We appeal to all educators who wish to join our team to teach one or two hours per week for free in the spirit of support and service to pupils and families affected by the schools closure due to Coronavirus.
Retired tutors and post graduates with an interest in teaching are all welcome.
Email us your CV at info@alphareach.com.

Your application

Please include in the CV your:

DBS number.
Teaching experience including number of years.
Computing/technical skills or any other skills relevant to teaching.
Highest qualification and the year you attained.
Subjects you are interested in teaching.
Age group and level you are interested in teaching.
Number of hours of free sessions you can do.
Number of paid sessions you can do.
Any volunteering experience.
Hobbies and interests.
Names and email address of three referees.

Email us your CV at info@alphareach.com.
We aim to get in touch with you within three working days.

The application process

We check your CV, if suitable we arrange an interview online. We check your references and DBS.